Camera Club of
Laguna Woods Village


Digital Critiques

Six Digital Critiques are scheduled for 2022. Instead of awarding First, Second, and Third Place, our system is based on points:

Images that receive a score of 9 are exhibited on our Web site in the Winning Images Archive.

This scoring system

New Rules for Digital Critiques

You can open and print this PDF copy of the most recent Digital Critique Submission Rules. Please be sure to refer to these rules, as changes have been made for image size, ppi, and naming conventions.

Non-Scored Judging

Three (3) Non-Scored Digital Critiques are scheduled for 2022, during which the judge will provide constructive comments but will not score the images. You may enter two (2) photographs in each of the three (3) Non-Scored Critiques. These critiques are scheduled for March, July, and October. For information about how to name your entries, refer to the 2022 Digital Critique Submission Rules.

Special Subject Categories for 2022

The special subject categories for 2022 are

Read this handout for an explanation of the special subject categories.

Submitting Images for Digital Critique

Images must be submitted to the following email address no later than 5:00 pm on the Wednesday before the event: