Camera Club of
Laguna Hills

October 2011 Digital Critique High Scores

Here are alphabetical listings of the scores in the various categories:

These images received scores of 9 in the October Digital Critique. Photographers are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: Links to photos will be activated when images have been received.

Pictorial I

Tom Getz Feed Me
George Harper Blue Angels
  The Moor
Tom Johnston Bodie Shell
Jim Lenthall A Night in Terlingua Cemetery
  Star Tracks
Alan Pollock Aerial Surfer II
Arnold Silverman The Catch
Pat Wilkinson Poppy Love

Pictorial II

Mike Bray Surfer Dude
Bill Buss Light Beams
  Savannah Windows
Walter Druker Clivia after Rain
Bill Hurd Disney Hall
Violet Kong Snow Covered Mountain
  Walt Disney Theater
Mac McNamar Acorn Woodpecker
Elaine Randolph Lonely Train Station


Mike Bray Pelican
Jim Lenthall New York Skateboarders
Elaine Randolph Mystical Medical Center
Pat Wilkinson Abandoned

Altered Reality

Mike Bray Spinner Ride, San Diego Fair
Tom Johnston Victorian and Car
Jim Lenthall Stars
Pat Wilkinson Bunches of Ranculas