Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

March 2016 Digital Critique Results

Images Entered in the Critique

Here is the PowerPoint slide show with all images submitted:

March Critique Images ( PDF: 33,114 KB). It might take awhile for this large file to download to your computer.

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Critique Scores

Here are alphabetical listings of the digital critique scores in each category:

These images received scores of 9 in the March Digital Critique. Photographers are listed in alphabetical order.


Linda Berman Headed for Shelter
Ken Furuta Deep in Thought
Tom Getz Namibia's Sossusvlei Dunes
Jim Graver Golden Moment
Mary-Rose Hoang Red and Blue Harmony
Li-Lin Ko Onuma Park in Fall
Jim Lenthall Look Out Behind You!
Jim Lenthall Moonrise, Oakland Bay Bridge
John Maloof Poppy Getting Drenched
Elaine Randolph Catching Some Rays
Elaine Randolph Saturday Night in Vegas
Bob Sandell Rocky Shore


Linda Berman Trail to the Summit
George Harper The Disney in Grey
Violet Kong White Rose with Raindrops
Jim Lenthall A Whale's Tale
Rick Silverman You Can't Hide Your Lion Eyes

Special Subject: Children

Linda Berman A Tender Moment
Tom Getz Mother's Child
George Harper Surfer Dude, Age 9
Mary-Rose Hoang Wanna Play?
Li-Lin Ko Love My Tub
Jim Lenthall Hmong Children, Viet Nam
Elaine Randolph It's Fun Being a Shark