Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

2018 Year End Digital Winners

Here is a summary of the best digital images of 2018.

Best of Show

Linda Berman Love


First Place Russ Lazar Agave
Second Place Linda Berman Neptune's Fury
Third Place Larry Goodman Bringing Home Dinner
Fourth Place Susan Brown Matsumoto Alliance


First Place Linda Berman Love
Second Place Russ Lazar Late Light
Third Place Louise Stuart Black & Gold Howler Monkey
Fourth Place Susan Brown Matsumoto Mission Life

Special Subject

First Place Lawrie Bau California Highways
Second Place Susan Brown Matsumoto Aging as Art
Third Place Jim Graver Fallen and Alone
Fourth Place Linda Berman Tourists in Times Square

Judges' Awards

Linda Berman Taking a Break
Linda Berman Samburu Trance Dance
Mike Bray The Start

Year-End High Points

Color Pictorial


Special Subject