Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

January 2018 Digital Critique Results

Images Entered in the Critique

Here is the PowerPoint slide show with all images submitted:

January Critique Images ( PDF:46,091 KB). It might take awhile for this large file to download to your computer.

Critique Scores

Here are alphabetical listings by maker's name of the digital critique scores in each category:

These images received scores of 9 in the January Digital Critique. Photographers are listed in alphabetical order.


Lawrie Bau Flaming Flower
Linda Berman Taking a Break
Linda Berman Warrior Dance
Mike Bray Cutback
Mike Bray Hawksbill
Susan Brown Matsumoto Morning Ride at the Pier
Susan Brown Matsumoto Stallion Bodie
David Dearing Light My Fire
Ken Furuta The Cutback
Larry Goodman A Very Happy Hibiscus
Bette Harper Portrait of a Lioness
George Harper Snow Leopard
George Harper This Is My Best Side
Mary-Rose Hoang The Daily Crossing
Violet Kong Tired Feet
Jim Lenthall Calcutta Old Lady on Street
Elaine Randolph Aspen Stand Near June Lake
Rick Silverman There Goes the Neighborhood
Louise Stuart Wary Jaguar—Phoenix Zoo


Lawrie Bau Front End
Linda Berman Zoo Mates
Larry Goodman A Is for Agave
Ron Harris Arches
Patricia Patti Eight Is Enough
Elaine Randolph Mono Lake Tufas
Rick Silverman Morning at the Lighthouse

Special Subject: Street Photography

Linda Berman Eavesdropping
Bill Buss Games under the Mural
Russ Lazar Embraceable Two
Barbara Page Street Boxer