Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

2019 Year End Digital Winners

Here is a summary of the best digital images of 2019.

Best of Show

Mike Bray The Swimmer


First Place Mike Bray The Swimmer
Second Place Larry Goodman Talons Ready for Landing
Third Place Linda Berman It's Not Easy Being Green
Fourth Place George Harper Young Girl, Karo Tribe, Ethiopia


First Place Larry Goodman Silent Assassin
Second Place Lawrie Bau Waterfall and Blocks
Third Place Carolyn Bray Harbor Bridge
Fourth Place Bette Harper National Cemetery, Santa Fe

Special Subject

First Place Ken Furuta Crimson Apex (Abstract)
Second Place Mary-Rose Hoang I.M. Pei's M.I.A (Patterns)
Third Place George Harper Pensive (Street Photography)
Fourth Place Lawrie Bau Coffee and Cream (Abstract)

Judges' Awards

Carolyn Bray Purple Rose
Russ Lazar The Eye
Russ Lazar Light Rays

Year-End High Points

Color Pictorial


Special Subject