Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

2020 Year End Digital Winners

Here is a summary of the best digital images of 2020.

Best of Show

Linda Berman Minding the Children


First Place Ken Furuta Precarious Landing
Second Place Russ Lazar Remembered
Third Place Susan Furuta Hungry Trio
Fourth Place Linda Berman Hamburgers Are Made of WHAT?


First Place Linda Berman Minding the Children
Second Place Pat Patti Gluten Free
Third Place Lawrie Bau Modern Design
Fourth Place Larry Goodman The Wise Owl

Special Subject

First Place Lilnda Berman Distant Outpost
Second Place Larry Goodman Pretty Popping
Third Place Ken Furuta Isolated
Fourth Place Russ Lazar ARTIC After Sunset

Judges' Awards

Larry Goodman Feeding Time
Mary-Rose Hoang The Saxophonist
George Harper The Last Magnolia

Year-End High Points

Color Pictorial


Special Subject