Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

2021 Year End Digital Winners

Click here to see a PDF file of all the entries for this year.

This PDF file shows all the winning images. Congratulations to the makers of such wonderful photographs!

Best of Show

Rick Silverman The Astoria Bridge


First Place George Harper Dawn Patrol
Second Place Larry Goodman Vermillion Flycatcher Sighting Its Prey
Second Place Pat Wilkinson Stamen Up Close
Second Place Russ Lazar A Little Privacy Please
Second Place Ken Furuta Melancholoy
Third Place Rick Silverman Winter in Yosemite Valley
Third Place Arnold Silverman Lava Flow Kilauea Volcano
Third Place Mike Bray Feelin' Frisky
Third Place Louise Stuart Joao Chamca US Open
Third Place Susan Brown Matsumoto Indubitably
Third Place Lawrie Bau Full Bloom
Fourth Place Patricia Patti Tune-Up
Fourth Place Susan Furuta Floral Elegance


First Place Rick Silverman The Astoria Bridge
Second Place Russ Lazar You Wanta Hug?
Second Place Larry Goodman Preparing for Flight
Third Place Lawrie Bau Angles
Fourth Place Susan Brown Matsumoto Family Bond

Special Subject & Artistic Expression

First Place George Harper Tennis Anyone? (Artistic Expression)
Second Place Patricia Patti Many Hands Make Light Work
(Artistic Expression)
Third Place Russ Lazar Bored and It's Starting to Drizzle
Fourth Place Mike Bray The Light Bulb (Abstract)

Judges' Awards

Larry Goodman Keeping the Wind to Her Back
Russ Lazar Keeping an Eye Out (Abstract)
Mike Bray French Angelfish, Little Cayman (Fauna)

Year-End High Points

Overall High Points

Bette Harper

Color Pictorial


Special Subject and Artistic Expression