Camera Club of
Laguna Woods

May 2021 Digital Critique Results

Images Entered in the Critique

Here is the PowerPoint slide show with all images submitted.

May Critique Images (PDF: 24,775 KB). It might take awhile for this large file to download to your computer. Judge comments are listed.

This critique was judged via Zoom. Here is a link to the recording of this meeting:

Critique Scores

Here are alphabetical listings by maker's name of the digital critique scores in each category:

These images received scores of 9 in the May Digital Critique. Photographers are listed in alphabetical order.


Mike Bray Over the Falls
Susan Brown Matsumoto Back Off
Ken Furuta Stare Down
Larry Goodman Osprey Searching for Dinner
Bette Harper Old Car in the Weeds
George Harper Bodie
George Harper Dawn Flight
Patricia Patti Alaska Sunset
Patricia Patti Tune Up


Lawrie Bau Treasure Flower
Mike Bray Mission Church Reflection
Larry Goodman White Pelican on the Lagoon
George Harper Going Fishing
Pat Wilkinson Agave Shaded

Artistic Expression

Mike Bray Desert Moonrise
Rodney Cooper White Tiger
George Harper Red Maple
Patricia Patti Pit Crew


Special Subject: Curves

Ken Furuta Orange Twist
Joel Goldstein Growing Curves
Bette Harper Twisted Tails
George Harper First Light
Patricia Patti Strong Martini
Fred Walterreit Dancing Swans