Camera Club of
Laguna Woods Village

March 2022 Digital Critique Results

Images Entered in the Critique

Here is the PowerPoint slide show with all images submitted.

March Critique Images (PDF: 20,386 KB). It might take awhile for this large file to download to your computer. Judge comments are listed.

This critique was judged via Zoom.

Here is a link to the recording of this meeting:

Critique Scores

Here are alphabetical listings by maker's name of the digital critique scores in each category:

These images received scores of 9 in the March Digital Critique. Photographers are listed in alphabetical order.


Mike Bray La Paz Waterfall
Mike Bray Tastes Great!
Ken Furuta Airborne
Larry Goodman Look What I Caught (Reddish Egret)
Bette Harper Can't You See I'm Eating?
Patricia Patti Staying Dry
Louise Stuart Ohio River Morning – Louisville


No entries received a 9 in this critique

Artistic Expression

Rodney Cooper Pools of Reflection
Larry Goodman So Cute, but So Deadly (Peregrine Falcon)


Special Subject: Red

Lawrie Bau Fleur Rouge
Bette Harper Seeing Red at the Peterson
Patricia Patti Follow Me